Mount Series

New 「Mount Series」symbolizing Mt. Fuji is now released.

✔ Designed with the shape of a mountain 「山」
✔ Noticeable anti-static touchpad
✔ Redesigned heat dissipation hole
✔ New type of nozzle holder

Landman Series

Landman Series can respond to various refueling conditions.

✔ The amount and fuel quantities are all displayed on the LCD
✔ Easy operation during refueling period
✔ New nozzle and hose layout
✔ New easy to use nozzle holder

Bright Series

Bright Series makes your business more efficient.

✔ Easy-to-see LCD display
✔ LED Message Board
✔ Compact design
✔ Interphone “Voice Guidance Function”

Windy Series

Windy Series is equipped with long hose units.

✔ Retractable type of hose unit
✔ Equipped with more nozzle-hose units
✔ Redesigned operation part
✔ Information can be checked from a distance

Power Series

Power Series was born from power and refined technology.

✔ Redesigned counter area
✔ Equipped with double swivel joint
✔ New type of nozzle holder

Sea Series

Sea series is designed to support a wide range of customers.

✔ Various range of lineups
✔ Amount and fuel quantity can be checked easily
✔ Keyboard designed with angle to support easy operation
✔ Easy operation during refueling period